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Silhouette Halo-Heart Life-Like Dog Necklace

Silhouette Halo-Heart Life-Like Dog Necklace

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What's Special About Our Necklace?

Our necklace is more than a keepsake; it brings back precious memories and your love for your pet (dog, cat, or any pet). It's also a tribute to the special bond you had with your beloved pet. When you hold it, you'll feel their presence and a rush of emotions.

🙂 Our necklace is carefully crafted to capture your pet's essence — their eyes, expression, and unique spirit. It's a timeless symbol of their loyalty and love.

💖 Wearing our necklace close to your heart creates a strong, everlasting connection, bringing comfort when you miss them.

🎁 Our necklace is a fantastic gift choice for birthdays, anniversaries, or simply to show your love to that special someone who is a pet lover. It's a thoughtful and meaningful gift.

Why Us


1. Can I have multiple pets in my item?

Absolutely, but please be mindful that the silhouette will remain the same size. We recommend 2 pets in one silhouette for the best result.

2. Can I have a human picture on my item?

Absolutely! We can make the item with absolutely anyone or any pet in it.

3. If my item gets scratched, will the image lose its engravings?

Absolutely not! The image is not printed, it's engraved, so no scratch will cause the image to lose its engravings.


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